Marketing Sherpa is an institution that is actively involved in conducting massive and wide researches about what best and effectively works in terms of marketing and advertising.  Apparently, because Marketing Sherpa is a company that institutes specialization in the field of online marketing, it also engages in telling its clients what does not work effectively in as far as online marketing is concerned.  

Marketing Sherpa is no one’s company. In fact, all of the researches that they conduct are not specifically created for a singled out client. Every research result that it does have goes out to the marketing community which tries to come up with an extensive experience and knowledge about effective marketing.  Sherpa is a name that basically refers to the mountaineers’ guide going to the mountains of Nepal – prominent of which is the Mount Everest.  It is primarily concerned in guiding and helping everyone who may be in need of knowledge about how to come up with better marketing strategies especially in making a good landing page.

Marketing Sherpa has engaged massively in trying to determine the best and effective landing page that can result to higher page ranking. Below are some of the ways to create an effective landing page according to Marketing Sherpa:

a. Choose the website where you will link your own website.  The website where your site will be linked should be relevant to your own website and its content.  
b. Place the advertising link somewhere on top or in the middle of the web content.  Putting the advertising link at the bottom gives your link slim chances of even being read and noticed.  
c. Create an interesting link name.  Names that are boring and do not imply thrill and excitement basically bores the readers thus not clicking the link on the website.

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