The Google search engine is primarily made up of several sub-engines.  One component of the search engine is closely working on checking the relevance and pertinence of the content that the website has; the other engine works on checking and potentially editing the keyword contents of the website in relation to the primary content of the website.  

The editor that AdWords uses works towards checking and performing some editing that can be made not to the content but on the key terms that are placed on the website where the AdWords is embedded.  Apparently, the AdWords that are placed on the website are considerably being impacted when the keywords are not efficiently or intelligently positioned.  This job then is being performed by the AdWords editor.  

The AdWords editor just like any other editor that is at work, has the following functions and features that greatly impact the Adword advertisement:

a. Landing page corrector.  
The landing page is like a hyperlink that connects the user to the actual webpage.  When the landing page link is found to be incorrect the editor then will prompt the user to make sure that he is going to the right path. Any other error then is being forwarded to the web owner who initiated the placement of the landing page on the AdWords ads.  

b. Built-in tracker and monitoring feature.  
It is of significant value that every event that is happening on the AdWords advertisement is being reported and tracked.  The Google search engine specifically the editor of the AdWords has a built in feature that works on tracking and monitoring the events.  

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