When change management is being conducted in an organization, it is
important that all members of the organization be trained in the
change management program. Otherwise, the change management solution
being proposed will not be effective since the organization members
will be disorganized and may even work in counter-productive ways.

The people who will initiate change management must be aware of who
they will be training – and that means knowing how they really feel
about the proposed changes. Any hostility to the program may result
in failure to a certain degree.

The decision makers must set change management objectives for
specific employee groups that are apt for their capabilities.

The changes being proposed must not run counter to the welfare of the
organization members and the organization itself.

The language used to describe the proposed changes and the expected
effects should be as simple, precise and clear as possible to
eliminate sources of confusion and misapplication of the program.

There should have been a thorough study done on any internal and
external factors that may affect the outcome of the change
management training in any way. No program exists within a vacuum so
doubtless there will be at least one factor that can skew the program
results somehow.

The program should adhere to a clear mission or vision that can be
communicated properly at all levels of the organization.

After the training has been completed, suspend all celebrations until
it has been proven that the program is truly effective. It helps to
have a positive mindset but expect glitches to be inherent in your
program which need further effort to iron out later on.

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