Every website has a home page. And any blog site has a home page to deliver to its potential readers. The home page narrates in summary what is expected to be seen on the whole web log site. The home page covers all the things that are expected to be viewed by the reader. For this reason, the home page should be enticing and appealing enough to readers so that you can capture their visit.

In creating a home page for your web log site, there are a few things that you need to remember. These things have been used by some of the popular web loggers and have been proven to be very effective in drawing traffic and increasing page ranking. Below are some of these:

a. Create a theme script on your web log. Although the requirements to run a theme script on your blog are a bit expensive, the value that it can put to your blog is potentially strong.
b. Create a list of links and place them in vertical line up on either side of your home page. Usually, putting these important links horizontally at the bottom part of the page makes them a little noticeable. It is suggested that you have them placed where viewers can actually take notice of them. Putting these links on top or on either side makes them a little noticeable.
c. Do not congest your home page with a lot images and graphics. Putting too much images on the home page makes it a little scattered and busy. Putting one or two images will be enough and then shower it with textual links. Do not overdo your home page with too much colors, they bring sore to the eye.

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