What do JAWStats, Piwik, W3Perl, Webalizer, Google Analytics, Yahoo Index Tools, and Analog have in common?  Well, these software packages are all web analytics software. However,a few of these web analytics software packages are either categorized as open source or proprietary.  But the common denominator that they have is that they are all web analytics.  

Open source is a fast emerging technology that a lot of people are beginning to appreciate and learn to accept.  What used to be just a mere advertising and marketing techniques has now become one of the strongest pillars in the history of computing technology.  With open source technology there is the ability of the user to specially fit the features of the software based on what he or she exactly needs and wants.  The easy and non-complex modification on the software is being allowed because of the copyright license that is being handed to any open source software.

Now, as the software prices are soaring high from time to time, the open source technology is becoming the only option to equip yourself with technological advancement and be at par with the others.  The open source thing although was too brave in embarking in a largely dominated arena, has successfully attained the status that it has without any further complications.

Open source technology continues to create unprecedented success in the computing arena because people have seen great things to happen when the software that they are using is equal to having a tool that is free of any charge.  

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