The SQL Server Enterprise Manager is a by-product that is incorporated in another set of tool used by any SQL Server.  This tool is the Microsoft Management Console or the MMC which uses a general interface in order to manage and supervise various applications that a server uses in a Microsoft Windows Network.  These applications in server offer an element that is usually referred to as the MMC snap-in.  This MMC snap in allows the SQL users with a direct mapping mechanism on how they can easily manage and control the server applications.  

The SQL Server Enterprise Manager is the fundamental tool sued by any SQL Server in administering and supplying the user for a compliant interface.  This compliant interface shall then be used by the user to practically perform the following actions:

a.    Clearly identify and define the several instance and activities that a group of SQL server made.  These instances may range from storing to retrieving data to deleting.
b.    Use the interface as a medium to create a mechanism on how to register and authenticate every server and user that gets into the group.  The use of this shall eliminate the potential hacking that may be experienced.  
c.    For proper and authenticated configuration of all the SQL server settings and options for every registered and authenticated server.
d.    Develop and control all databases that the SQL Server has and directly supervise all database objects including the log-ins, user names, passwords, and permissions.

These are just some of the potential uses of a compliant interface that a user can use.  

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