Having the CMM or Capability Maturity Model certification for all the levels is highly essential for companies or organization that depend too much on software process management. If the process and their performance on software process management speak about the reputation of their group or organization, it is just right that they take CMM seriously. This is a serious matter that needs serious approach. And so, many companies are taking the steps in developing their people for better assessment for the next CMM level. There is no better way to do the development than taking part in any CMM events.

There are a lot of CMM professionals and CMM concerned people around the globe. It is not that hard to organize these people since they only have common interests and common goals. Some share experiences, some share learning, some share knowledge, and some share their time in different CMM events. It is always advised that if one wants to know a lot about a certain field, reading a book is not enough. Theories should always be partnered with practice. And so, the gaining for practical theories is through the CMM events.

Among the many CMM events available now are CMM trainings. There are certain organizations that take care of teaching people the basics and techniques on how to get their wanted level 5 certification. Of course, the process of being certified is not a piece of cake—it’s a tough job. Most organizations that will be facing their verdict during the CMM assessment must always have some CMM trainings before the big event as it is always better to go a battle prepared than die losing. Other than CMM trainings, there are also other CMM events that are helpful for organizations like forums, symposiums, and discussions.

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