One of the most prestigious certifications known to business worldwide is the ISO 9000 registration. For starters, the ISO 9000 has been implemented as an internationally accepted set of standards developed by top notch professionals who are similarly found worldwide and leaders in their own fields. The general aim of ISO 9000 certification is to standardize business and other related policies to adhere into a world-class quality which is highly esteemed and accepted.

ISO 9000 registration entails a very demanding process. One wrong move and one small glitch can lead to a company or an organizations failure to become registered as an ISO 9000 certified company. The 9000 found in the term coined is actually in reference to the five different standards which do not really pinpoint any specific type of industry. These standards are not really concerned with the specific field of a certain industry but are rather focused on how the company can ascertain that there is quality in the way it presents the market with its products and services. Usually, the areas being covered in ISO certification are how records are kept, employee relations are conducted, and of course product testing as well as responses to issues and customer concerns.

The registration process in ISO 9000 is also a vital thing because this is where an external auditor will evaluate the performance of the entire company. Auditing processes happen both internally and externally. Both of these auditing processes must be passed before certification then awarded to the company.

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