The need to rely on information systems in making better business solutions has made organizations go beyond what is expected. Certain alliances and societies were formed and established to build more productive systems and make more effective business decisions for the ultimate quest of successfully coping up with technology to move the enterprise forward. One of the most reputable institutions with such goal is the OR Society.

The OR Society was founded over 50 years ago, following the vision established by the Operational Research Club formed in 1948. Now with 53 member countries, the OR Society still continues to provide training, publications, conferences and information to people who are working in the field of Operational Research, which is a discipline of applying highly sophisticated analytical methods and techniques to help make operational improvements. Such changes include better customer service, higher quality, sustained or greater efficiency, and lower cost.   
Becoming a member of The OR Society means opening doors of learning opportunities. The Society offers a lot of ways in which its members can benefit and at the same time contribute, definitely a win-win situation for both parties. Aside from maintaining discussion forums, facilitating conferences and leading special interest groups, the OR Society also imparts knowledge through its official journal called the European Journal of Information Systems or EJIS. It is a quarterly journal that provides an exclusive European perspective on practice and theory about information systems. It caters to a global audience, expecting to read information about the interface between Operational Research and Information System. The journal is currently lead by Richard Baskerville of Georgia State University, acting as its editor-in-chief.

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