The world has indeed become a whole lot smaller and because of this, communication is now more rapid than ever. It has also increased in terms of speed and, with the advent of web 2.0 tools, has been said by almost all to be a whole lot easier as well. As such, networking is now such a breeze to perform.

In the year 2003, O’Reilly media had been the first to conjure up the term web 2.0 in order to place a bigger emphasis on the post effect of the dot come generation especially since there have been so many sites as well as services that utilize the World Wide Web as its launching platform. Using web 2.0 also means that the newer generation of the World Wide Web users will also be guided by a new and better improved set of grounding principles that a lot of communities found on the web – including the hosted services – a whole lot more enjoyable for its users.

Indeed, the tools that are provided by web 2.0 has greatly helped when it comes to vanquishing most of the world of Internet due to its flexible nature, its usability and also the impetus that serve as the driving force of most social communities. It is therefore unsurprising to see web 2.0 and the tools that come with it as the one and only quintessential solution to on line Internet dominion and flexibility that has clearly shoved aside the once highly regarded web 1.0 and was made obsolete.

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