It was in the year 1993 when the Joint Information Systems Committee was first created and established.  It was conceived, developed, and created to bolster the need of higher educational institutions in its quest to drive excellence in the area of information technology, networking, and information systems.  Two years after it was conceived, the Northern Ireland country initiated a joint effort as a funding associate together with its representing body, the Department of Education in Northern Ireland.  As the Joint Information Systems Committee continued to grow, it has perceived the idea to come up with a long term plan not only to promote its stability among its partners but also to capture more potential partnerships. In the year 1996, it has finished and published its 5-year goal/strategy.  This publication has indeed made a tremendous impact on it because in the year 1999, the United Kingdom has become a funding partner of the JISC. The joining of the UK Higher Education has created yet another milestone in the JISC history.  A newly structured committee was then built and made. 

• A committee for the authentication service and security was developed under the partnership with UK.  This committee lasted from 1999 up until the first quarter of 2002. 
• A committee for Electronic Information was also built and structured on the same year.
• A committee for Networking came into existence. 

There have been issues that surrounded the JISC such as the governance that its leaders have taken; the wrong conduct of its officials; the funds that were maliciously spent and so on.  In 2002, a review on the JISC was made under the leadership of Sir Brian Follet. Follet’s review did not yield any negative results; on the contrary, the review resulted positively without negative implications. 

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