If you go online, you can find websites that offer to sell you the iRiver PMP-140 Portable Media Player
(40 GB) product. The 40 gigabytes is the storage space, which allows you to stock up on music,
full-motion full-color videos, and digital photos in one device alone.

You will find your gadget fitted with a 3.5-inch TFT LCD plus audio input which will permit you to use
home-based or portable audio devices to upload audio files into your iRiver product even without the use
of a PC. The iRiver may also be used as a voice recorder to permit compressed-audio files to be
created for your own purposes.

But if you think you need content from your PC to be loaded into the iRiver, that is also possible. Just
link your PC to iRiver through high-speed USB and send your media files from the former to the latter
fast and easily. And yes, the iRiver does act as an MP3 player too. Actually, the iRiver can work in
various formats from MP3 to Windows Media Audio (WMA fitted with full Microsoft Digital Rights
Management compatibility.) BMP/JPEG image files, and WMX and DivX video, can also be used on this

A USB camera can also be connected to the iRiver to permit mobile viewing capabilities using the direct
USB link.

Even the common FM radio stations can be accessed using the FM radio station tuner plus speaker in this
gadget. Just check if your purchase is inclusive of the earphones compatible with the product itself.

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