Google as an advertising platform is capable of accepting numerous kinds of contents that you can post to it – from e-mailing ads to IM brigade, to map servicing.  

With Google, you can extend help in shopping, browsing through the web using any of the Google products such as Google Chrome, Google Maps, Google Mobile, or Google News.  If you want to obtain help in posting sorts using the chat, e-mail, and social networks, you can get by a little help by using these Google products:  Gmail for the e-mail, Google Groups and Orkut for the others. There are also advertising services that Google offers such as the AdSense and the Adwords – these are some of the more popular advertising sites used by Internet marketers.

Google is indeed very powerful in allowing all types of posts.  This is made possible because of the varied products and services that it can offer to its users.  More exciting to this is that Google comes in different languages mainly French, Russian, Spanish, Filipino, and dominantly English.  

The marketing campaigns that can be posted on almost every product that Google offers are relatively free.  Although there are some Google products that are requiring a specific amount before you can make any post, the charge is usually minimal by nature.  

As the new century starts to unfold, there are more and more things that Google has to offer.  Now, as it tries to unleash its Google Video, people will now have more capability to make campaign postings not only through texts and letters but apparently in videos.  

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