To be a Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP), a candidate must successfully pass four exams. One of these is exam number 642-845 with the description Optimizing Converged Cisco Networks (ONT). This qualifying exam will certify one s knowledge and skills in providing and optimizing effective quality of service (QoS) techniques for converged networks.

For this exam, candidates will be given 90 minutes to complete 75   90 test questions, consisting of multiple choice, drag and drop, and fill in the blanks. The CCNP ONT exam can only be taken at one of Pearson VUE s testing centers with exam topics that include the following:

(1) QoS – describe the need for QoS in converged networks (e.g. bandwidth, delay, etc.) – define QoS implementation strategies (e.g. QoS models, QoS policies, etc.)

(2) AutoQoS – explain functions and operations of AutoQoS – configure, verify and troubleshoot AutoQoS implementations (e.g. MQC)

(3) Cisco Voice over IP (VoIP) – describe functions and operations of a VoIP network (e.g. CAC, bandwidth considerations etc.) – determine basic voice components in an enterprise network (e.g. gateways, gatekeepers etc.)

(4) WLAN Management and Security – describe basic wireless management (e.g. WCS, WLSE) – configure wireless security on Cisco clients and APs (e.g. LEAP, SSID, WEP, etc.) – verify basic WCS configuration (i.e. login, add or review AP or controller status, security and review or input maps) – define WLAN QoS

A lot of training institutions offer tutorial classes and short term courses for interested applicants who would like to focus on Optimizing Converged Cisco Networks (ONT). There are also various CCNP books and reading materials to choose from. Taking advantage of these resources can definitely help a lot to assess oneself in acquiring CCNP certification.

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