In almost every application software or any scripting language that we know, fonts and style are essentially significant in the overall package of any website or page. The reality about fonts and font style is that they are just playing on the side of the whole development process.  The font styles attribute is merely on the last portion of formatting the whole site.  However, no matter what priority stage it bears on the whole process, the thing is that it still is important to the whole web design process and that it bears impact on the totality of the website. 

The Web 2.0 platform as has been mentioned has a separate engine for font styles.  This engine is used for obvious reasons in formatting and enhancing the font appearance of the site to make it work in consonance with the whole package of the website that is being developed.  However, since the engine that works on providing font style choices is limited to a certain number of font styles due to storage consideration, the Web 2.0 platform has worked on third party applications that will act as repository support mechanism for the font style files.  This third party repository mechanism is provided for by some of the trusted and established companies such as the Microsoft.  Microsoft Company as a third party program does not only provide a repository support but also contributed in creating and adding up to the list of other font styles that Web 2.0 platform users can choose from. 

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