1. Process
  2. Partners/Suppliers
  3. People
  4. Products/Technology

There are four perspectives (“4P’s”) or attributes that are important to consider in order for IT Service Management to be successful.

Partners/Suppliers Perspective: Takes into account the importance of Partner and External Supplier relationships and how they contribute to Service Delivery. It will help to ensure that suppliers deliver value for money, and provide services that are clearly aligned to business requirements.

People Perspective: Concerned with the “soft” side of ITSM. This requires IT staff, customers and other stakeholders to understand the purpose of ITSM and how it should be used within the organization. Training and education should be provided to ensure staff members have the correct skills, knowledge and motivation to perform their roles.

Products/Technology Perspective: Takes into account the quality of IT services themselves, and all technology architectures (hardware & software) required to provision them. Technology should be leveraged to both support and drive strategic opportunities for the business.

Process Perspective: Relates the end-to-end delivery of services based on process flows. By having clearly established processes (with documentation, guidelines and other supporting tools), it will enable a more consistent, repeatable and measurable approach to the management of services.

Quality IT Service Management ensures that all of these four perspectives are taken into account as part of the continual improvement of the IT organization. It is the same when designing new or modified Services themselves, in that these four perspectives need to be considered and catered for in order to enable success in its design, transition and eventual use by customers.

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