Companies and organizations today are investing heavily on information technology
including hardware, software, and human resource.  Future developments in IT for
management support is needed 24/7 with minimal downtime and lag in order for the
company to maximize its investments.  Once the IT management is in place, maintaining
and managing it both as a whole department and as a single entity is of major importance. 
Keeping it in order, reliable, and always ready should also be part of the future

Doing administration work and management support for the IT network includes an
organized data that is always backed-up at regular intervals (and restoring data whenever
necessary), keeping the server secure (which also includes policies and procedures to
eliminate uncertainty, misuse and abuse of staff), maintaining directory and data service
to keep it available and up-to-date whenever it is needed, and many other maintenance,
monitoring, and control work.

Other future developments in IT for management support should also include a rescue
system whenever networks are unavailable or down.  Expert assistance should readily be
given and technical people available if it need on-site restoration and repair.  Recovering
from disasters are all and essential part of the future development of IT management.  In
the event of the network crashes because of human errors, intentional or unintentional
breakdowns, or natural causes, IT management support should be there to cover software
and hardware recovery.

Many of the future developments in IT for management support have the key benefit of
reducing costs, increased productivity, improved efficiency and effectiveness, and better
quality of service.


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