Combining two technologies in one is not only challenging but really beneficial for prospect consumers. Thus, the technologies WiMAX and CDMA, when combined, will surely bring a different level of technological experience. These two technologies are now one of the most advanced in terms of telecommunications. And the plan to combine the usage of the two is such a very ideal but possible thing to do.

WiMAX or Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access is a wireless Internet access technology used like WiFi but is far better than the latter. This can be highly scalable and can have a long range that may cover as much as 30 miles. This is possible for WiMAX using licensed spectrum in delivering wireless connection to the Internet. This can be a better alternative to DSL and cable, although the two are still faster than the WiMAX can offer. Also, WiMAX can be used to connect various WiFi hotspots to one another and create wider range of Internet connection.

Meanwhile, CDMA or code division multiple access is a method for channel access, which can be utilized by different technologies in radio communications. The basic concept behind the CDMA is that the data communication can be allowed to use several transmitters in sending data simultaneously over one communication channel. Therefore, using a single bandwidth frequency by various devices is made possible through the CDMA.

For now, these two concepts in telecommunications technology are planned for better usage. With WiMAX CDMA, there will be a better utilization of communication gadgets as well as more efficient use of the technology. So far, many international telecommunications company are eyeing to combine the two technologies. There is also now a mobile phone from Samsung that can support both the WiMAX and CDMA technology.

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