Traditionally, the enterprise content management industry has been the realm of middleware vendors and mid-range applications developers.  However, the entry of big software and applications developers increased the competition level and put a strain on the ECM market, especially for smaller players.  

Globally, the ECM market share in the entire software industry is estimated at $1.54 billion.  The ECM market sector is also the most vigorous and growth oriented.  The market share therefore is expected to double in the next few years and could breach the $4 billion mark.  

It is not surprising to see the big software companies training their sights on the ECM market.  Since their entry into the ECM scene, their market share has increased considerably.  Analysts see a global consolidation in the ECM market as big companies will try to acquire numerous mid-range developers.  These new acquisitions will form part of the core business of big developers in the field of enterprise content management applications.

As it stands now, no player in the ECM market is holding more than ten percent share in this lucrative sector.  This led to the analysis that the ECM market is still an open field and a highly competitive market.  Giants such as Microsoft have already set a foothold on the enterprise content management sector.  However, it is being challenged by other market leaders specifically IBM.  

In the next few years, the ECM market share in the IT sector will continue to rise and more players will emerge or consolidation will intensify.  All these could benefit the consumer as new technologies will be introduced by big companies to get a big share of the ECM market.

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