Generally, podcasting or Ipod broadcasting is software concentrated.  You basically talk about audio files, audio software, podcast software and all.  However, podcasting is not all about software and programs.  

A great amount of the podcasting technology is dependent on the type of hardware that you use.  These hardware devices make the whole podcasting process achieve great level of recorded sounds and audio.

The hardware part of the podcasting technology is not given too much emphasis because most people tend to give focus on the software side.  However, hardware part is equally important and essential.  So, what sort of hardware pieces do we actually need in order to complete the podcast process?  

Below are some of the essential hardware elements that you need:

a.    Telephone connections.  You will need to have a phone and a connection that will allow for call conferencing to exist.  Podcasting is all about sharing your audio files and your recorded songs.  Sharing can only happen when more than one person is giving out his or her own opinion.  
b.    Audio mixers.  Mixers are devices that are capable of accepting multiple audio inputs and generate a single output consisting of various audio inputs. These are relatively expensive; however, there are mixers that you can buy which are bundled with a recorder device.  
c.    Audio recorders.  Since podcasting is all about recording audio and music files, then it is mandatory that a recorder is present.  The recorder will act as the storage device for all recorded sounds and audio files.  

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