In a lot of organizations, knowledge is definitely part and parcel of process management to the point where an integration of both can actually be established. This is because in the same way, knowledge management also follows the standard guidelines of process management, and many organizations have been very willing to find newer and more innovative ways to manage their different knowledge processes. It was also because in the past few years there were many publications that came out with article features regarding the merger of knowledge management and the process management aspect of business, fusing the two together using technology as a sealant of sorts for other people to see the direct connection between the two. A lot of theories regarding process management and its varied tools and techniques are also part of the different structures of the nature of process management and how it is used in knowledge management as well.

For example, knowledge is important if you are going to talk about the different standardized and repeatable output which gets to produce a very consistent result which has a high chance of being automated in different parts. All such aspects of process management are, with the help of knowledge management, then performed in highly similar ways which makes it easier for the company to track down and monitor its performance by way of a highly detailed flow chart-a device that is the result of the merger of knowledge and process management and allows the users to see anything and everything in his responsibility area all at once.

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