You may be wondering why some customer service representatives (more
commonly known as call center agents) say their job is Tiring,
Stagnant and Toxic. Though a help desk assistant such as these people
enjoy a high salary commensurate to their skills, and are even
provided valuable health benefits and vacation leaves too, some still
do not consider this compensation enough motivation for them to
continue working as a help desk assistant.

In the US alone, help desks or call centers were able to create 5
million jobs back in the 1990s. That was when call center jobs
became some of the most sought-after jobs in the world. However,
because the nature of the work of a help desk assistant demands
flexible working hours, graveyard shifts, and willingness to work
even on holidays, this places a significant burden on employees
(who already have to solve difficult problems for callers).

There are call centers that simply shut down eventually for various
reasons. For instance, some help desk assistants did not undergo
further training after being employed by the call center – this
resulted in stagnation of their communication skills. Others lost
their enthusiasm for their work after doing the same duties for the
employer day-in, day-out. Some customer representatives resent being
called agents. Time pressure may affect the performance of agents who
are already trying to match standards for technical skills set by
their company. All this can be very stressful for the employee whose
performance may deteriorate into unsolved calls and bad customer

Attrition of call center representatives is a sign of severe pressure
from the working conditions which may result in mental instability.
Trying to calm down enraged callers everyday, and having to maintain
long working hours, can really affect your self esteem after awhile.
Even if the help desk assistant has superlative skills for problem
solving in technical matters, some callers just do not respect call
center agents. Dealing with rude ill-mannered callers is common
throughout the job description of all types of help desk assistants.

Perhaps the key to preventing attrition is to amend company standards
so that call center agents will feel better about themselves and
their work rather than pressuring help desk assistants to adhere to
very high (perhaps unreachable) company standards in customer

Help desks are a standard in any organization, whether it’s for education or professional
use.  Most establishments offer helpdesk support to their clients either by phone, email,
live chat or the internet.  But it is also common knowledge that employees also need
assistance on computer hardware, software and other IT related products and services like
network connections, digital media, and many more.  It is for this reason that the
helpdesk computers were offered by establishments for in-house queries.  From basic
tasks like how to open or view a file to the more complex troubleshooting of network
connections, it can all be found in the computer helpdesk.

In today’s fast advancements in technology, many people can’t cope with the changes in
IT features.  It has now become a standard for companies to provide technical assistance
to employees through the use of helpdesk computers.  The beauty of having a helpdesk
computer is that everybody with access to it can avail of the simple help instructions. 
There is no need for them to dial a number or write an email and wait for someone to
answer their questions.  Helpdesk computers usually have the answers ready with just a
click of a mouse button.  They may even have “Frequently Asked Questions” (or FAQ)
links to answer the user’s most common inquiries and how-to’s.  It is available anytime
you need it, 24 hours a day and it has no day offs.

But helpdesk computers need not be confined in the organization’s office alone.  Finding
success in helpdesk computers, many websites now offer assistance via the internet–
either for free or for a minimal fee.  A simple point-and-click will help the person
understand the technicalities of the product or service he bought.  Many sites even offer it
complete with either picture or video step-by-step examples to make it easier to
understand (even without reading).

So now, it is much easier to get help and get answers to almost all of your IT related
questions.  A helpdesk computer is all you need.


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