An MCP website is designed for members only access. It allows MCP to access the site and allows them to keep abreast of what is happening among MCP members. It provides them online tools to create or download customized logos for their accounts.  It is a tool for each and every member to get to know each other through credentials and member’s profiles and preferences.  It is also a way of allowing each of them to share information that would benefit each and everyone in the professional field.

The MCP website is secured website that applies authentication technology.  In today’s theft identification, anyone can access information and use it against you. Thus, Microsoft has designed the MCP website in a way that not anyone can get into it.  Before one can access the MCP website is to observe the following steps:

1.  Sign up for a Windows Live ID.  If you have an ID you will
      be asked by the MCP website for your MCP ID. 2.  Provide your MCP ID and you will receive in your email
     address your temporary access code.  Your temporary
     access needs to be activated with seven days or it will
     expire after that. 3.  As you get into the MCP website you will be asked
     to log on your MCP ID and the Access Code provided
     to you. 4.  Should your temporary access code is misplaced or
     expired, you may ask for a new code through the MCP
     online customer support.

The MCP website is the home for IT professionals of Microsoft.

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