Who does not want to read a book or watch a movie with a happy ending? “All is well that ends well” is what they always say. Change management also has the same objective. That is to make sure that all the processes are leaned towards business success. This is the reason why policies keeps on changing, people keeps on moving and processes keeps on innovating. Though writing conclusions is not that simple, it still needs to be carefully studied to determine the factors that may contribute to possible failure of the implementation of change and learn from these lessons.

On the plan change process, the human factor is a key component. This is the stage wherein people were given a chance to speak out and air their views about the changes that are about to be implemented. Diversity of people’s take on certain issues will broaden the change management perspective since all possible scenarios and results were tackled. The differing views of individuals will not hurt the organization. It is actually a big plus for as long as a compromised agreement will be the end result of these discussions.

Fostering change in an organization is not that hard to imagine. All you need to have is the right people with the proper mindsets, and the right resources needed to support the change implementation process. To arrive at a certain conclusion that is favorable to everybody, the leaders should also give due recognition to people with excellent work ethics. This will serve as their motivation to keep on moving and eventually reach the top of the corporate ladder.


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