The technology of virtualization has gained quite a good publicity for people involve in programming, computer technology, and application developers. However it should be noted that the developments and techniques of the virtualization hype actually started by the open source virtualization projects.

The field of open source virtualization is so diverse. Open source virtualization has different approaches which include OS virtualization, paravirtualization, and hardware-assisted virtualization which can be presented in different aspects and colors.

Open source solutions for virtualization are available in the market which you can avail if you want to run other OS on your desktop. If you are lucky enough you can even get free solution with different features that are also available in those commercial solutions which are for sale.

Open source software is often used by people who can not avail of the genuine software. Since the open source virtualization has become commoditized as seen in different solutions offered by different market the open source projects still stick to its objective which is to undertake effectively the administrative and management of virtualization platforms which are being offered to data centers.

It is also important to know that open source virtualization projects serve as the focus in marking the history of virtualization that has been running in virtual machines of Linux.

Another solution found in the market which is actually a result of open source virtualization projects is Xen. Xen or Xensource is actually known when it comes to reshaping the virtualization market as it also handles solutions for Linux.

Finally, in controlling virtual systems, open source virtualization projects had indeed provided the market with comprehensive life cycles management for virtualization infrastructures.

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