How long do you usually stay when you are inside a web page that you visit?  Are you practicing the switch view mode from one page to another?  Or you simply close the page after opening it and then hop into another web page?  This kind of an activity may bear grave impact to how web analytics are analyzing the website.  

The described activities above are clear references on what page view duration is all about.  In reality, every action that you perform on the Internet whether it may involve single clicking on the mouse or variety of clicks, all these have direct impact on how web analytics are engaging seriously with their jobs – that is to determine which brings greater impact and which do not.

The page view duration tells the web analytics how every visitor sees the relevance of the web content of the web that is being visited by looking at how long each visitor is staying on the website.  This means that the longer the visitor stays on the website, the more relevant the website is.  The duration of stay on a web page is being equated to the possibility that the visitor is staying longer on the website because he views every section of the website.  And that behavior is equal to the idea that the visitor is seeing every piece of information on the website very essential that he is motivated to look at every page of the website.  

Time as equated to the Internet is very important and relevant.  As it is, when the web is being analyzed, the time element is being looked at.

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