VMware certification is given to individual technicians that have shown strong capabilities in creating virtual infrastructures using the VMware technology.  This certification is open for partners, resellers, end-users, and virtualization consultants.  Having an in-depth knowledge and skills in virtualization technology can certainly enhance the career of IT professionals and boost the credibility of individual service providers of VMware technology.

The VMware certification has two levels of courses namely the VMware ESX server / VMware Virtual Center and the VMware Infrastructure 3.  Today however, only the VMware ESX server remains as the sole course for certification. 

To get certification as a VMware virtualization expert, one needs to undergo training in instructor-led courses for VMware applications and virtualization performance.  This course will teach trainees the best practices and the current standards and technologies in the application of the VMware virtual machines software.  Aside from instruction, those who wish to be certified as a virtualization expert must have hand on experience on virtualization technologies.  IT professionals who have no actual experience on virtualization will find it difficult to pass the exams. 

After the training and hands on experience, one must apply for examination schedule on one of the certified testing centers for VMware.  Applicants must successfully pass the exams to get formal certification.  Successful examinees can use the VMware Certified Professional logo on their business information card or on their websites in order to show their proficiency in building and maintaining virtual IT infrastructures.  This will surely give them an edge over competitors in the virtualization market.


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