The Implementation Guide for IT Governance

The goal of every guide for implementation of IT governance is to give the readers with the different methods for the application and also improvement of the governance of IT. It covers the topics that include the importance of IT governance and why must it be implemented by organizations, the life cycle of the IT governance, the framework, for the interested people in IT governance like the stakeholders, and the road map for applying governance of IT using a particular configuration like COBIT. The guide for implementation is usually supported by a tool kit that contains many resources, templates, techniques for reporting and tools for diagnosing.

The templates are power point presentations that include samples that can be employed to assist the activities of implementation of the IOT governance. The templates are simple to use and easy to understand. The guide also contains information that can help the user to really understand the principle, the structure and the framework of COBIT. The guide also contains a sample scorecard that is IT balanced including the processes in making it. The management awareness diagnostic provides two tools. One is used to rate performance of the process and the other one is used assess and check some issues regarding the way the processes are managed. The risk analysis approach begins in uniting the chance for a threat and the level of susceptibility of an impact used for the conclusion of the assessment of the risk. The assessment of the risk is followed by the solution on how to control it. This is just a part of the whole implementation guide. Anyone who is interested can search on it in the Internet.

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