The Implementation of ERP in the Call Relationship Management

The year 2000, brought about the influx of Business Process Outsourcing. Many companies are taking their Customer Relationship Management to a higher level. BPO’s are sprouting everywhere and so is the need for an ERP system that can integrate different functions like sales, customer service, training of agents, quality monitoring, call logs, IT and Telephony to name a few. Technology to support these functions must be well planned for this system to succeed.

Let’s take an example for a BPO or a vendor that has different clients. They may be providing a client with agents that will answer customer complaints, orders and inquiries for a mortgage division of a bank. We will call this client, Client A. They may provide technical support for a company that manufactures battery backups. We will call this client, Client B. Both clients may require different systems to support their functions. The BPO can work with the client to come up with a system that can work for the functions needed by the client, but on the other hand will work out with the existing system that they have.

Both agents working for Client A and Client B will log on to the same telephone system that will enable the BPO to monitor their calls for attendance (Human Resources and Payroll) and at the same time will enable the Quality Assurance department to get some of their monitored calls and be evaluated on the quality of their calls. This can be submitted to training department for further evaluation.

To conclude, the different functions although seemingly different must work together in order to maximize the benefits of an ERP.


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