When you want to get or develop an IT Computer Maintenance Management procedures template,
you may actually be creating a Computerized Maintenance Management System (or CMMS.) Some
might know the CMMS as Enterprise Asset Management instead.

The CMMS is very important so that the people tasked with IT Computer Maintenance
Management are well-informed about how and when to do their jobs. This may also mean the
survival of the organization (such as when a lawsuit is filed against it alleging improper
computer maintenance) since the CMMS may show that the organization has no liability with
regards to the accusation.

No template can be perfectly the same as those of other templates, simply because a CMMS
template should be created for the organization and specific area of work that the
organization functions in. But there are some features common to every template though.

Work orders are important, and so is documentation of preventive maintenance. A third
component of the template should be asset management. The CMMS might then be hosted on the
Local Area Network of the organization itself, or be a web-based system.

Many times the CMMS can be used to complement or even replace a Facility Management System
because they have parts that may be similar enough to make each system interchangeable with
the other. But basically it is desirable to have a sophisticated CMMS because it will
feature more analysis functions than a less-complicated CMMS.

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