The APC Network Management Card manages individual UPS directly through a
network.  Using a dedicated IP address, the APC Network management Card provides
a solution to the remote management of different UPS by allowing the user to access
the APC UPS online through a web browser, telnet, SNMP, SSH and SSL.

The world today is getting smaller and competition among business organizations is
getting stiffer.  Today, businesses which are always online have the assurance of
market leadership.  Because they cannot afford to lose their current and potential
clients because of business downtime, APC has come up with a host of products
dedicated to solve this problem. This is where the APC Network Management Card
can be utilized. It has actually four interfaces in remote configuration and control. All
of these has its own processes of data encryption and authentication. These interfaces
consist of:
* File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Secure Copy (SCP) interface
* Web (HTTP, HTTPS) interface
* Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) interface
* Telnet, Secure Shell (SSH) interface
All of these devices have its own basic authentication ability, password and user

Network security is inevitably increasing in this rapidly growing IT system. Today
security solution is one of the major requirements to effectively protect and deliver
the network system. APC Network Management Card allows products to be present in
various environments. These interfaces provide the user to have an adaptable and
flexible system. With this, it makes it easier to configure products in a given

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