Network management is essential to address a particular network management protocols, technologies and platforms. This includes an individual network consultant that enables to monitor any activity in the network with an out of date protocol analyzer. This involves autopolling the network devices, distribution and supply of database and working on high tech stations that gives out graphic views of network topology traffic and its changes. Overall, network management provides a service that uses different tools, devices and applications to aid the managers in supervising, maintaining and monitoring the networks. The network management maintains and administers computer and telecommunication networks. 

Configuration management on the other hand controls and manages features documentation changes especially in areas like software, hardware, tests on automated information system throughout the growth and development of the system. Configuration management controls any changes made in documentation, software and hardware during the lifecycle of the system.

Configuration management and network management are very important to manage, monitor and supervise changes done in the system. These two management systems are responsible in upholding an organized system to prevent any disastrous effect in the organization. Both are also important in finding the right solution to keep an easy flow of data and communication to staff and employees. And by doing so, the workflow and productivity will also run smoothly. Any delays in the production, network communication, configuration errors and system breakdown will eventually cost you time and money. That is why configuration management and network management are crucial elements in your organization.

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