Configuration Management is an effective method of administering an ever changing collection of products and project documentation. Every document and product that requires control and management are called configuration items. Execution of effective processes and procedures should guarantee precise, accurate and latest documentation of product information and components.

The increasing need for a faster application development, the role of Configuration Management has changed tremendously. The tutorials for configuration management will provide you a new perspective on Configuration Management. With tutorials that are available through intensive training, you will be able to learn the principles of team based Configuration Management. Through these trainings and group exercises you can outline and create a Configuration Management Plan for your team. You will discover how to introduce the Configuration Management principles to your team by means of workshop format and allowing them to understand the advantages of configuration management. This tutorial can effectively change your teams attitude towards CM.

Configuration Management tutorial is needed to manage and control your software assets. With the help of software and tutorials you will be able to learn and implement and automate the software processes. Discussed in the Configuration Management tutorials are learning to create a plan that should be a part of the initiation of project document. The tutorial talks about the step by step guide in helping you understand and improve configuration management system. This will not only help you as a Project Manager but this will also aid your project team to fully understand and enhance their knowledge in Configuration Management.


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