Configuration management or configuration control generally means the management of features because of changes that was made in documentation, software, hardware and tests on any mechanical or automated information system during the development of the system. The revision control or what we call the Source Code Management is one the important parts of this system.

This also keeps the developing software products on a controlled level; therefore it gives satisfying quality of the product and set back limitations. In software configuration management, they are divided into 2 areas. First it is the Component Repository Management that concerns the entity storage generated in throughout the project development of this software. The second is called the Engineering Support that relates to the change and production of the entities. Once the configuration is established like that of a computer system and telecommunications, assessment and approval of the changes to the configuration are done. It is the key to control and handle and manage the extremely complicated software projects that are developed these days. The Configuration Management tools improved from an easy version control system that aims every developer into systems that are capable of handling developments into large teams working at various sites around the world. The different tools that are presented signify that you can be certain to find one to match every persons needs. The degree of team support has tremendously grown to pressures in time on software development and the growing need to supervise numerous changes to the same software, all at the same time. One concrete example of this is the solving the problems in Y2K while they are fixing the bugs and creating new features in the system.

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