Some CRM deployments have failed because of lack competent personnel that could manage the system.  In worst cases, employees encountered difficulties in using the CRM solution of their companies thus hampering their productivity.  To avoid these scenarios, companies should really make it a point to conduct CRM trainings for their personnel and IT support group.  Trainings are also needed by managers who will be responsible in managing the system. 

CRM training therefore is a key factor in the success of any CRM implementation.  Because CRM application is user driven, it can only produce result based on how employees use it and appreciates its functions.  Any application that cannot be comprehended by its users will not work.  This is also true for CRM applications.  The functions of the software should be carefully explained to its intended users.  Different tools and utilities must be introduced and how it can be used for productive purposes should be explained formally.

CRM trainings can be provided by the application developer.  It is an add-on service of developers so that companies will stay loyal to their applications.  There are also formal trainings for CRM sponsored by different training institutions.  Companies should send their managers to such trainings so that they can impart the knowledge to the general sales force of the company. 

Upon successful implementation of a CRM system, continues training and development should also be carried out.  This is especially true if there are significant upgrades to the service or a modification to the software. In this way, employees and managers will be able to fully utilize the CRM system for the company’s benefit.

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