IT professionals need to take the MCITP 70-620 and 70-623 examination modules to become certified Consumer Support Technician.  These certification modules are specifically designed for those performing technical jobs on consumer IT help desks.  

Specifically, the MCITP 70-620 is a required exam in order to test the skills of IT professionals in Windows Vista configuration and troubleshooting tasks.  It is ideal for IT help desk professionals that have one year experience as technical support specialists for desktop environments.  Those who will pass the 70-620 examination will automatically get a credential as Microsoft Certified Technical Specialists for Vista client.  They can also proceed to MCITP 70-623 or the professional series examination for specific Vista client support and trouble shooting.  

The MCITP 70-623 on the other hand is an advanced module toward full certification as a Microsoft Professional: Consumer Support Technician.  This exam is ideal for IT professionals with extensive experience in different desktop environments and configurations.  They must also possess enough knowledge in hardware and software configuration and troubleshooting, networking, solving virus and malicious ware problems, and applications and operating systems troubleshooting.  

Entry level IT professionals performing technical support functions should immediately take the MCITP 70-620 and 70-623 exam series.  These examinations could help develop their careers as help desk professionals.  The credential they will get from Microsoft could serve as proof of their technical expertise and capabilities.  

IT professionals can self-study for these exams because there are lots of online sources available for the MCITP 70-620 and 623 modules.  They can also attend formal trainings in order to ensure success during actual exams.

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