We all know that it is important for decision makers of an organization be able to design,
communicate and implement change management efforts properly so that the organization
prospers from the changes. The good part is that, if the organization does really well in
this endeavor, it may be recognized for its efforts with a change management award

A change management award certificate shows that the other members of the same industry or
occupation recognize that the organization (or award recipient) has shown remarkable
progress in initiating changes in its processes – remarkable enough for others in the same
industry to follow its example.

To be honored by your peers in the same industry is actually a double-edged sword, so to
speak. On the one hand, it does bring glory to your organization since it was selected
above all others in the same industry or occupation for the award. On the other hand, it
puts a certain degree of pressure on the organization as well to sustain its efforts to be
at the top of its game and be an industry leader, as befits one in the position of being an
award certificate recipient.

Is it possible for one organization to consistently be recognized by the same award-giving
body year after year? That is where the pressure comes from. An organization may choose to
raise its game to a certain level, then stay at that level without further improvements. If
the organization does not make further changes, others within the same industry may have a
faster learning curve and even use the lessons learned from the experience of the award
recipient so that they can themselves become industry leaders.

All organizations have to fight against obsolescence, meaning they have to prevent
themselves from becoming outdated in their field. Even nonprofit organizations have to stay
up to date on ways to change positively, so that they remain relevant to the field they
work in.

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