To be able to pass the ECDL certification exams, candidates for it must take several computer courses that cover the modules of the ECDL.  There are many ECDL computer course and trainings that can be availed on the Internet.  Some provide full online learning while others offer combination of online and classroom methods.  One this is certain though, trainings and courses on basic computer technology will spell the big difference between success and failure in the ECDL certification process.

It should be noted that the ECDL has modules for word processing, spreadsheets, database, presentations, and ICT.  These are the important modules and the difficult aspects of the exams.  It is critical therefore to have basic knowledge on all of these areas of computer technology.  It would not be enough to grasp word processing and not study database management.  This will only lead to unsuccessful attempt at the exams.

Candidates for certifications must understand that the ECDL Foundation only issues certificates to those who can pass the entire exam.  There are no provisions for partial certifications.  Either the examinees pass every module or else they would not get their computer certification.  That is why it is important to have a thorough grasp of each module and it should be answered diligently and correctly by the examinees.

This can only be possible if candidates for certification will undergo trainings for different computer applications and technologies.  Trainings are available and provided by the testing centers.  Good preparation for the ECDL exams could result to outright certification because of high marks in the exams.

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