There are many organizations that sponsor a Web 2.0 conference.  The diversity was brought about by the lack a central unifying body for Web 2.0 practices, implementations and technologies.   Some of the most prestigious conferences are sponsored by the pioneers of Web 2.0.  Although almost all Web 2.0 summits and conference could provide benefits, it is still best to attend those that have been accepted in the industry as the authorities in Web 2.0 technologies.

A Web 2.0 conference highlights the achievements, challenges and new technologies for the new Internet.  Industry players, developers, thought leaders, and technology academics normally attend such gatherings.  Through the conference or summit, the practices and common applications of Web 2.0 are assessed and crystallized into a higher level of learning.  The crystallization of ideas could produce new concepts and designs to further enrich Web 2.0 applications and practices.

Web 2.0 conferences also touch the current culture and orientation of the web.  Participants to the conference survey different theories and principles that were proposed by leading technology analysts and developers.  These principles could be used to align or realign the technology with the dominant culture of Internet user.  It will give new ideas that can be used by developers to design new products and services.

A Web 2.0 conference is usually an annual event.  Some conferences are open to the public but there are also gatherings that will be exclusive to some sectors of the web market.  Webmasters and programmers could gain a lot if they attend such conferences.  The lively and productive sessions of the conference could help them in their technology ventures.

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