WordPress is an excellent online publishing tool.  The point of publishing, however, is to distribute content.  Your blogging venture will be useless if you cannot effectively distribute your content.  This is where WordPress RSS plugins come into play.

Different WordPress RSS plugins can be installed easily in your blog to provide feeds to your subscribers.  These tools can also be used to aggregate content for you.  This means you can collect content from different feeds and roll it into your blog.

When you open an account with WordPress and set-up a blog, the software will automatically place RSS functionality on your site.  This WordPress RSS plugin can be useful for regular bloggers.

If you want several customized WordPress RSS plugins, you can easily download a free RSS script and install it on your blog.  Your WordPress blog however should be hosted independently so you can upload your own RSS plugins.

Some WordPress RSS plugins will allow you to include anything on your feeds.  You can include whatever you want in your RSS feeds such as links, ads or other useful information.  Some add-on RSS plugins also include footers on your feeds that contain copyright information.

There are also WordPress RSS plugins that can monitor the number of your subscribers.  If visitors subscribe to your blog, they will be automatically registered in your admin dashboard.  This tool will be useful in creating a strong relationship with your subscribers.

You can also monitor if users are unsubscribing to your blog.  In this way, you can troubleshoot the problem by finding out the reasons why subscribers are not following your blog.

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