The 2000 PMBOK provides an upgraded manual for project managers. It is the new bible which project managers should know and have always handy in setting out their team tasks and upon leading a new project.

Just after the first few pages, the Introduction can still be found. This part provides readers with a brief overview of the book. It also sets the pace on what readers can most likely expect with the newly upgraded version.

The 2000 PMBOK also has the following segments within it:

1. Project Definition and Its Subcontext

2. The PMBOK Lifecycle – This still contains the five main processes which governs project management.

3. Feasibility of Methods– The segment attempts to discuss how the project can actually cope up with different methods acquired. This gives readers a chance to compare and contrast between differing methods.

4. Current Technology and Art – As a new upgrade of the 2000 PMBOK, it already provides with technological innovations regarding project handling. Aside from manual resources, the book also talks about new programs available for making project schedules among others.

5. Standards and Ethical Procedures – Apart from emphasizing quality and efficiency, this book’s segment also inculcates the value of observing project management ethics during task accomplishment. A set of standards is clearly handed out for readers to remember upon project handling. Ethics are also considered under this segment.

Under the close guidance of PMI, the 2000 PMBOK has been developed to suit the changing times of the fast-paced world of project management.

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