The meaning of input and output in the world of information technology is merely the same from the other meaning of input and output when used to other areas. It refers to the program, machine or operation that is used to allow the information to be sent from a peripheral device to a computer and the other way around for as long as there is data transmitted to a device and received by the other component. A good and simple example is a keyboard and mouse of a personal computer that serves as the input components and the monitor or printer serves as the output device. A writable CD -ROM can be considered a good example of an IT component that can perform as input by writing any information and as an output by reading the information from it.

The input/output object source that is responsible for transferring the information from the source to the conduit is called the input output manager. The input output manager is in charge in managing the input data so that it goes to its correct destination in the system. If the conduit functions two-way, this means that the manager must identify the read and write functions. It is required that the input output manager take an ITIL® manager exam that is one of the certification exams offered by ITIL® to regard the skills of the input and output managers in the system. Input and output is very important in the services provided by ITIL® in business that is why it requires the appropriate ITIL® certification.

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