The highly evolving technology of the Internet has made it possible for more unconventional and non-traditional means and methods to gain more popularity and essentially dominate the new platform for modern technology.  

One very classic and yet good example of this is the evolving technology in the way people listen to their favorite music and videos – that is through podcasting.  People have been used to viewing their movies and listening to their music is via a video and music player.
However, this has drastically changed when podcasting technology has invaded the Internet technology.  

Podcasting is a term that was brought about by combining two insignificant terms: Ipod and broadcasting.  Ipod was Apple’s prime and top of the line audio and digital music player and broadcasting is a relative term that refers to disseminating any form of information to a wider audience using a channel or media.  

It was the Ipod gadget that first used the scripting codes that allowed music and video files (podcasts) to be transferred and relayed via the PC to another device such as mobile phones and similar technology.  This was done by initiating the downloading of the audio and video files.  

Although the podcasting technology was officially introduced in the year 2004, many people have seen the great potential of podcasting as a business and as a marketing strategy.  In the first quarter of the year 2004, there was a 3 million recorded attempted and successful downloads via the podcasting technology. A year after, there were several companies which attempted to attain patent registration because of the huge success that podcasting has gained.  

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