I have just spent the last 3 days training ITIL® foundations to young “Graduates”, who have recently finished their university studies and are now employed in a large government organization. 


Ah… the minds of today… it was fascinating from my perspective to experience ITIL® through the eyes of the young… the naïve… the inexperienced.   For most of them, this was the 1st time they had ever heard of ITIL®, apart from random threads of a conversation overheard in their workplace.  They knew that “ITIL®” existed, but had no true idea or understanding of what it is and how it affects them.


3 days on and the ITIL® cogs churned.  Though many understood the validity of this course, few could see the potential of such a framework.  Their focus was here and now, and even then maintaining this focus was at times “foggy”.  Ah – generation Y-  the new breed of super learners, where multi tasking is second nature, where unless you can demonstrate immediate benefits to them, its “Y… are you making us do this?”


But don’t be fooled – though they seem to be not paying attention, their minds must have been sponges… for when it came time for the mock exam – everyone passed –  some exceptionally well.


I briefly chatted to some as they came out of the exam – and they believed it to be “reasonable”… and confident of passing.  One student completed the exam in 19 minutes.  I shall eagerly await his results to prove this theory!


It would be fascinating to see them again in 3-5 years, when they are well and truly advancing their career and to ask them how pervasive ITIL® has become in their professional lives… but then again – being Gen Y – they just might be retired!


Till next time Cheers from the ITIL® Australia Team at The Art of Service



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