The success and the failure of managing the services for ITIL® in an organization depend on hiring the best staff and crew in the managerial position. It is essential for any company to have a process of selection for the staff clarifying all the criteria that meets with the company needs.  The attributes that are generally required for a prospective ITIL® job is, communication and interpersonal skills, management skills, knowledge and experience in information technology, and personal skills.

Each discipline that will be required by the company to a particular staff require the uniqueness of the personal attributes in addition to the once generally required by the company. This must be identified in the process of selecting to make sure that the right people are acquired. The steps in the process of selection include the standard application of the prospective staff with an application form to easily compare one from the others.

An interview is also required to obtain the right information about the applicant, their attributes and qualifications, their experience and knowledge on a particular area. After the interview is evaluation. As the applicant is interviewed, he will be evaluated according to his personality traits, strengths, interpersonal skills, decision making and leadership traits. The questions to be asked during the interview can help in the evaluation process. The process of selecting the best applicant is time consuming. There are also agencies that can help in the process of recruitment and specialize in the search for a qualified ITIL® staff. Hiring with the use of agencies can assist by gaining new concepts and ideas and are cost effective in the long run.


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