The change of the world today is faster than ever. Financial, limitations, latest developments in technology, expanding of the market, mergers and restructuring, new philosophies, and legislations in the government are putting together all the pressure on organization and businesses to stay dynamic and change. And yet, the change process is not so easy and the success of its implementation demands considerably on all the managers that are involved.

A journal for Change Management is unique since it sets the agenda of the management and development in the organizational change, by evaluating new approaches and theories of research. The objective of the journal is to give optional philosophies for organizational change and development to accomplish the goal of the journal; it encourages the search of philosophies that includes critical theories, post structuralism and postmodernism, as they are applied to the change and development. It also encourages the qualitative evaluation of change, change practices and discourse. The publication of the papers for the journal must offer a very detailed analysis and discussion regarding the philosophies and the practices which contribute to the success of the organizational change, thus making a promising future for the organizations and particular societies of tomorrow.

The coverage of the journal for Change management includes the adoption of strategic planning to the need for a change. It also covers research about leadership and the responsibilities for the implementation of the change to follow through, and lastly, the psychology of the proposed change and all its effects in the workforce. The benefit of the journal is that it offers a lot of valuable materials to the specific organization that is committed to the choice for a change.


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