Who wouldve thought that certifications, especially in the field of information security, would be one of the most critical and in demand nowadays? Come to think of it, our lives have never been the same again since the introduction of the Internet and Information Technology, which obviously have reached a billion heights that have merely conquered the whole world in terms of usage and functionality. Almost every single device, appliance and gadget that we possess is now cyber ready.

Due to the growing dependence on advance technology, brilliant minds have sought the importance to protect every bit of information from potential attacks of the outside world. It just goes to show how strong the need is for technical expertise to fill in slots for such a challenging job that is of a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

To be a CISSP, there are some requirements that have to be met, as authorized by the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, or commonly known as (ISC)2. Candidates must have a five-year professional experience in information security, though there are some instances wherein a year may be waived such as having a Masters degree or diploma in information security or possessing certifications from other institutions. Candidates must also agree to the CISSP Code of Ethics and show proof that he or she is free from any criminal records.  They must also have a recommendation from another CISSP or endorsement from any professional to assert the candidates expertise. Lastly, CISSP wannabes must pass the exams consisting of 250 questions to be completed in six hours. Getting a CISSP certification is just the start of a long journey of learning that will eventually place a mark in the IT industry.

If dumping or recording of questions that appeared on a certification exam such as for Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) is considered cheating, how come there are a lot of sites that offer such services? It is indeed very ironic. These sites are most probably aware of the legal implications such as copyright, patent etc. that they may face once proven guilty of charges imposed to them by certification officials. They could have at least asked for permission, if possible so as to prevent such unfortunate consequences from happening.

It is a known fact that it is hard to get into a certification program. Aside from money matters, it will definitely take much of your time. But then again, these are not reasons enough to resort to brain dumping and cheat. Though some may claim that checking out dumping sites will help ensure oneself to be included on the CISSP roster, less satisfactory results will then be obtained once you get to apply your own learning. It is still up to the examinee if he will allow brain dumping to come across during his CISSP exam preparation. CISSP dumps are widely available online in various sites such as Testking among others.

Microsoft, a top certification institution, has been fighting brain dumping for the past couple of years. For the record, Microsoft has already filed copyright infringement to three individuals who run sites that distribute practice exams. Testking has also been barred from publishing any Microsoft Certification material on their web site as of April 5, 2007. This is indeed something that needs the attention of testing centers to stop brain dumping from killing the integrity of certification exams.

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