The lifecycle of a person – part 2


Yesterday, we looked at the concept of regarding all people as CI’s, and have strategized and designed their implementation.  Today we continue to start them on their merry way into their new job…


Service Transition

Now – the 1st thing we need to do is put in an RFC because we don’t want any unauthorized CI’s in our live environment, now do we? – this is where I am sure we would all want to be the Change Manager – this person has the right to say yay or nay to any new person starting.  Now if the CM has initially accepted this RFC, then (if it is considered a normal change), it is taken to the CAB to discuss and approve.  I am not sure what your thoughts are – but I would be pretty peeved if I employed this person, and the CAB rejected them… but for process sake – let’s assume that this RFC has been approved – now we pass this person on to Service asset and Config to put this person into the CMDB.  Release and Deployment mgt kicks in here to plan, build and test this person to ensure that they will work in our current environment.  Lets hope that they transition smoothly and no other changes to people will have to occur as a result…

So, we employ them – place them in the DS, while we test and ensure resilience.  Status – testing…Now, how long do you think it would take to test and deploy a person?  And do we pay this person while we are doing this?  So, configuration details registered, , built and tested… now we need to put in a FSC so all know that this person is ready to go…


Service Operation

Day 1 of operation… person(CI) sitting at desk ( twin in DR site, waiting) morning tea comes – CI needs to go to bathroom….hmmm.. RFC??? CI meets another CI – do we update CMDB? End of day – can this CI go home? – RFC? – what if this CI picks up some little virus? –  how often do we audit this CI to ensure that the integrity of this CI is still in tact?  6 months down the track… does the Change Manager approves the payrise?  How do we ensure that their twin also has the same knowledge/information/attributes as this CI? ( suddenly images of The Matrix come flooding in…)



Everyone wants to improve –and we all use KPIs and data to assist.  Now how do we ensure that this occurs? – And when it does, do we place them back into the DS while we reconfigure/test etc?


One could really go to town on this… and challenge others out there to put their own spin on this…


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Till next time Cheers from the ITIL® Australia Team at The Art of Service



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