Generating reports is an important part of your daily tasks in the workplace, no matter what your place is in the corporate ladder. Reports are an effective of information dissemination, communication, as well as gathering, collecting and organizing information. Among the many types of reports generated are crystal reports. Basically, a crystal report is a web-based application which is often distributed as a Microsoft Excel or a PDF file. This extremely useful for organizations when distributing confidential and critical information about their business through a secure channel. Now, in relation to crystal reports, there are configuration management tools which can be used for crystal reports.

Configuration management is quite a broad subject and this mainly involves the management and control of complex business systems. There is a wide array of configuration management tools that you can use to generate crystal reports. A good configuration management tool should be aligned correctly once the crystal report is formatted for any type of environment. When looking for configuration management tools that you can utilize, make sure that the crystal report to be generated will work efficiently with Windows and web-based applications. You should also learn about the aspects that you need to avoid when generating crystal reports, have an overview of how they can be created using all types of browser to suit the receiver’s individual needs, and look for user-friendly configuration management tools. All in all, configuration management tools are a must-have for organizations who would like to have an efficient way of sharing critical business information, in a safe, efficient and secure channel.

Configuration management is in heavy demand these days and many companies are now looking for a configuration management engineer to handle the complex computerized systems that may include PIM/PDM and ERP.  The problem with engineering software is that many stages are arranged in such a way that materials and sub assemblies are not necessarily arranged in order and if not studied carefully, the finished product could be drastically different from the original plan.  This is where the configuration management engineer should be an expert on.

Configuration management falls under the ITIL® and project management and may involve different types like software, hardware and operations.  The configuration management engineer is responsible for directly monitoring and controlling the software releases through its various changes in development.  Quality assurance is a big responsibility of the configuration management engineer.  This position requires that the candidate be an expert in the maintenance of software libraries, software coding, and documentation. 

Designing a program process specific to the corporate requirement will also be one of the major responsibilities of the configuration management engineer.  He will also be the one to develop and implement this process.  But his responsibilities do not end there.  The configuration management engineer should also be able to work well in cross-functional roles in the team he is in.  He has to be a leader in his field and will need to have an ability to manage his assigned tasks while following a schedule in the most efficient way.

The configuration management engineer will always be ready for changes and deviations and will proactively manage his team according to company standards.

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