WordPress tag cloud allows users to categorize information with specific keywords. Through tag cloud, users find it easier to search for images, music or any type of information that is tagged.

Other blog users find WordPress tag cloud not so useful because it doesn’t help the visitors. Instead, the visitors are confused with it because they enter a search team expecting results but only to land on a page of tags.

How can a WordPress site benefit from tag cloud?

First, a website with large amounts of content can benefit from tag cloud. This is because users easily find related information as grouped by those tag clouds. In turn, this will increase the possibility of visitors staying on the website and even returning to them,

Second, it gives the readers an overview of what the blog is all about.

Third, WordPress tag cloud enables readers to find posts on various topics quite easily. If a reader spots a tag cloud that he is interested in, all he needs to do is click that tag cloud and he will be taken into a list of posts that includes that tag. Navigation around the site is simpler and more convenient.

Fourth, WordPress tag cloud also provides the blogger some great feedback. A good example of this is when a blogger sees that his most frequent postings are about a particular subject rather than the topic that he would want. WordPress tag cloud gives him an idea that he should stop posting on this topic to give a better balance.

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